Tribute to Gilberto Gil


The project is built around the compositions of Gilberto Gil, the most famous Brazilian artist of his generation, best known for four decades of musical crossbreeding and co-founder of the important Tropicalia movement with Caetano Veloso.

Music was for Gil a way to bring people together regardless of cultural, political, or ethnicity differences.


VIRA PRO GIL can accompany or not “Viramundo”, the tribute-documentary from Pierre-Yves Borgeaud to Gilberto Gil, in which the artist invites contributors from various countries to unite under "the universal language of music."

The musicians :

Mariannick Saint Céran : vocals
Lionel Dandine - piano
Sam Favreau - bass
Philippe Jardin - drums

Vira pro Gil - vidéo

Mariannick Saint Céran Quartet live - Vira pro Gil

Hommage à Gilberto Gil