Mariannick Saint-Céran

Of Reunion origin Mariannick Saint-Ceran was born in Madagascar in a family of musicians. Her deep roots in tradition (the Sega and Maloya of her childhood) and the influence of artists from different backgrounds make her the heiress of a jazz sung in constant motion. After a first "Raphaelle" album signed as a songwriter and performer, she performed in many stages in France and abroad alongside jazzmen asserted (Caveau de La Huchette, Duc des Lombards, Petit Journal Montparnasse Marciac, Ramatuelle, Madagascar, Egypt, Russia ...)

Mariannick Saint-Céran was born in Madagascar in the town of Tamatave to a family from the Reunion Island.

Then the family moved overseas to France.
For as long as she can remember, Mariannick has always sung. It started with her father playing ‘séga’ and ‘maloya’ (traditional music from the Reunion Island) on the guitar and kept growing with her older brothers, also guitarists and singers.
The weekends were always the best time for the family to pick up the guitars and harmonica and to play and sing traditional music.
The family listened to the radio or got a hold of some old classical music and jazz vinyls from time to time.
Mariannick’s childhood was lulled by the rhythm of ‘séga’, ‘maloya’, Strauss waltzes, Chopin and Lizt, French songs and Django Reinhart on the guitar.

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